Mariliz Mendez

Happy Valentine Mariliz & Liz


Mariliz I love you with all of my heart and I thought what better way to show you than by use of my talents on the web. A recent visit from your father has really brought to light what is important in life. I find myself thinking about you and Elizabeth more than ever and I’ve realized there is nothing more important to me than the 2 of you and the rest of my family, which by the way definitely includes your father.

This website is dedicated to you and Elizabeth as a digital treasure cove of any and all memories you may want to cherish. I know the biggest things I will cherish are you and my beautiful daughter. I know now that my struggles to succeed are for one reason alone and that is to allow our family to strive for the best and jump and tackle all hurdles thrown our way. You have graced me with support, love, kindness, understanding, patience and i will forever be in your debt for changing my life in such a positive way. I hate to think what my life could or would have been if not touched by your innocence and kind warmheartedness.

I thank you for sticking with me through the hard times. I know there was a great portion of our lives together that you suffered for my childishness and for that i apologize. I have changed leaps and bounds and have grown all because of you guidance and constant persistence. God put you in my life for a reason and for that i thank him. You are my angel from heaven, sent here to keep me as straight and narrow as possible and i will strive everyday to make you happy and to provide for you and to be a loving husband and father.

I end this page with a picture that will always hold a very special place in my heart in regards to you and I and I hope this picture brings you tears of joy and the knowing that you have a devoted husband that will never leave your side and will always try to give you the moon and the stars if you want them. I love you Mariliz and I always will.

My happines begins