Mariliz Mendez

Happy Valentine Mariliz & Liz


This site is also dedicated to my sweet princess who I will cherish forever. I love you Elizabeth!! You are my life and I cannot live without you. I never knew I could love someone so much as I love you. You truly have opened up my heart to feelings I never knew existed. I am proud to be your father and I am proud of you as a person and my daughter the princess.

I know sometimes my patience is little but I hope you know that these things mean nothing and the only thing that matters is how important you are in my life and to me. I could not imagine life without you and I cherish every moment that we have together. I love our conversations and your curiosity and i hope you continue to learn and become even more intelligent than you already are. Never hesitate to ask me questions and to talk to me about anything. I am your father and your life long support my sweetheart!

I love you gorgeous, you are my princess and you will always be Daddy’s little girl!

My Princess and the KING